Robert Rennhack is a Senior Advisor with International Capital Strategies. He worked for over 30 years at the International Monetary Fund, providing macroeconomic policy advice to emerging market countries. He has an extensive knowledge of the economic policy issues facing all emerging market countries in Latin America, with an emphasis on monetary policy, fiscal sustainability and financial stability. He also managed a staff of about 150 economists plus support staff in his most recent position at the Fund. 


Most recently, he served as Deputy Director of the Fund’s Western Hemisphere Department, which manages the institution’s relations with all countries in the Hemisphere—from Canada to Argentina. In this position, he oversaw sizable credit lines to Mexico and Colombia and lending programs to several smaller countries, such as Honduras and Haiti. He led the IMF’s preparations on contingency stabilization plans for Venezuela, if and when this country decides to embark on profound economic reforms. This work required a thorough understanding of the design of economic policies and an ability to innovate to tailor specific policies to one of the worst crises in decades. 

In previous work at the IMF, he led teams that assessed financial stability and development issues in Argentina and Colombia, managed the Fund’s global delivery of technical assistance on financial sector issues, and negotiated lending programs in many countries, such as Colombia, that were crucial to stabilizing economic performance. He also organized major conferences on topics such as economic challenges facing Central America and macro-prudential policies. He has written numerous IMF reports on macroeconomic issues, co-edited a book on macroeconomic policy issues in Central America and published several articles. 

He received his graduate training in economics from Yale University and his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. He taught economics at Wesleyan University.